3rd Annual Prairie Creek Redwoods 5K Race 2016

This was our 3rd year attending the Prairie Creek Redwoods Race in Orick, CA. This year we were a bit more out of shape and hadn't been to the gym in a while so we opted for walking the race, which was fine by us. We finally got to really enjoy the views and scenery [...]

Wear it Wednesday | What’s in my Sseko Bucket Tote

I splurged during Sseko Design's 7th birthday extravaganza at the end of July getting myself a Sseko Bucket Tote, it's the perfect size for day to day wear or special trips For Work: I love this bag for work, it's big enough for my laptop with out being bulky. I hate laptop bags that are [...]

In a World with Terrorism, Why I still Travel | part 3 – Adventure

Yes, you can totally have an adventurous experience in the lower 48, there are plenty of cultures to experience, people to meet, food to eat, and traditions to witness. In fact, our country is so large it would probably be nearly impossible for someone to do it all in the US alone, let alone experience [...]

In a World with Terrorism, Why I still Travel | part 2- Love

POP POP POP Laying in bed with the windows open my heart was unsettled. Police were storming the Bataclan while I laid in bed. People took hostages and were attacking people because they want to instill fear. People hating people because they are a different ethnicity, faith, tongue and that broke, and is breaking my [...]

In a World with Terrorism Why I still Travel | Part 1

Where do I begin? At the beginning of course...it's November 13, 2015: 9:30 pm Central European Time... We were standing on top of the world. Not really but the top of the Arc du Triumph is awfully close. The world seemed so serene, innocent from that height, looking down the Champees Elysees toward the Eiffel tower for [...]