TIGF- January 23

Happy Friday! It has not been a sunny or beautiful week here in Central California. Lots of clouds, HIGH humidity and fog everyday. This week I have some fun things I am grateful for! My Husband. Travis has a condition of the heart called SVT or Supraventricular tachycardia, and it sends his heart into fits, [...]

TIGF- January 16

Happy Friday! This week has been crazy! Interview. I have an interview on the 27th for a job I really want and think I could excel at! I have been praying about it and asking God for guidance for the interview and for my purpose. I am feeling confident and excited. Make it Happen. This [...]

TIGF- December 12

It's Friday, again already? I guess having house guests for 2 weeks really does through your weekly schedule for a loop. Family. I am grateful for my family that flew out to visit us for 5 days. I grew up with all my family in Texas and accessible within 5 hours. Now living in California [...]

TIGF- December 5

Belated Thanksgiving. We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday after Travis' mom arrived. We had roasted a chicken, green bean casserole, homemade cranberry sauce, roasted potatoes, and rolls. It was a fabulous meal that fed us for several days! National Parks. While my MIL was here we visited a new National Park, Pinnacles National Park and had [...]

TIGF- November 7

Happy Friday! Is it really friday again? Wow, the days are getting shorter, and the weeks too...and only 6 weeks until Christmas...holy bologna! Schedule. I pulled out my big calendar this week in an attempt to organize myself, my home, my blog and my pet sitting. I wanted to carve out time to sit and [...]

TIGF- October 3

My Friends, Rachael & Nate I am so grateful for my friends Rachael and Nate, since we have met our lives have been very messy and yet God always provides and somehow we found each other to support when the other was going through the mess. Today is their wedding anniversary and I am so [...]