Wear It Wednesday | Styling a Tank Top this Summer

I easily get into a style rut in the summer, because it is so easy to just not get dressed or wear a comfy tee and work out shorts. So, I’m sharing a few ways to elevate your go to tank on hot summer days, with my Namara Tank from last summer by Elegantees. Tank [...]

Wear It Wednesday | How to stay cool & chic this summer 2017

It's summer and that means the heat has set in and I'm sharing my top 3 ways to stay cool & on point this summer. It's important not to overheat and just because something LOOKS cute and summery, it won't keep you cool if it's polyester, skin tight, or dark toned. FABRICATION-  the number one [...]

When is it too hot for your dog? {summer pet care tips}

I was born and raised in Texas, like Houston, Texas...and if you have never been there it gets very hot in the summer (+100 degrees) with a boatload of humidity (average 78%). It doesn't ever feel cool unless you're in a pool or in front of the AC. So when is it too hot to [...]