Finished Reading: Overdressed by Elizabeth L. Cline

This post contains affiliate links. I feel so far behind. I’ve seen Overdressed on the shelves, I’ve seen others talk about what a difference this book made in their decision to buy better. And I’m only now in 2019 picking this book up to read. Fair warning, if you aren’t mildly interested in what Cline [...]

Faith | Thomas Nelson’s NIV The Woman’s Study Bible | a Review

I keep telling myself I will stop reviewing bibles and yet I still manage to pick them. I love the bells and whistles of new bibles. I've always wanted a woman's bible one centered on women and focused on God's intention on the women from the bible. This is a hefty bible with lots of [...]

Finished Reading: Drawn In Bible Study Esther

Esther is one of my favorite books of the Bible. It's in my top 3 Old Testament books if I'm going to be completely honest. This compact and concise bible study has almost everything you need.  The Drawn In Bible Study | Esther is small bible study book breaks down the book of Esther into [...]

Summer Reads: God Bless America coloring book

While I love coloring, not all coloring books appeal to me artistically. And that is ok, this coloring book includes quotes and images that feature a very positive view of our history and the men (& women) who shaped our nation. A fabulous coloring book for children & families that have loved ones serving or for [...]

My 5 Tips for a Productive day

Good Monday Morning! This seems like the perfect post to motivate you this week with some Productivity Tips, so let's begin... Write it down! no more than 3- 5 things and most important on top! seriously get a good notebook to motivate you, this sweet little ice cream sandwich neapolitan notebook is perfect for my [...]