Wear It Wednesday | St. Patricks Day Outfit Ideas

I'm not a huge fan of dressing up for these "minor" holidays, some people go all out and that's fine and fun. Instead, I prefer to subtly rock the holiday theme without much fuss. Here are 3 fun green inspired looks that will keep you from missing out on the fun this March. Outfit 1: [...]

Wear It Wednesday | November Outfit Round Up

November really signaled the end of fall, with significant snow and me slightly freaking out that Dressember this year will involved more snow than I could ever imagine. (I always took photos out in the snow when I had the chance in 2018.) This month, I started as a Sseko Fellow and participated in not [...]

Wear It Wednesday | Coordinating Outfits for Photo Sessions

I find coordinating outfits for photo sessions to be fairly easy actually. It can seem daunting what if their shade of green isn't the same as the green in my my husband's plaid shirt? Honestly, probably no one will notice, in general a little effort makes it easy for everyone to look like they belong [...]