Finished Reading: A Wife’s Secret to Happiness 

Marriage books are hard. Marriage is hard. No one should ever step into it thinking it's a cake walk. After nearly 10 years, my husband and I are still learning. I admit, I started this book apprehensively. After my 10 years, I don't admit to being an expert but I know what works for us...most of [...]

6th Anniversary

Our time here in Colorado Springs, is likely over. Since getting married 6 years ago, our lives have been on a constant journey. One I am proud to have gone on with him at my side. I finished College and got my Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design/Art after we were married, not sure [...]

Living in Colorado for 10 months

it's quiet in the house this morning, and early. i can hear the birds outside while i type away. asher breaths deeply as he sleeps beneath my desk. i close my eyes and listen to the wind rustle the's been awhile since i have heard that...the vegetation didn't come out until mid may this year due [...]