Estes Park 2019

Moving and living out of state from your family means the time you have together is always a little sweeter. Yes, I love my family but I also really love not living in Texas where the heat and bugs are bigger. Since moving back to Colorado in 2017, we’ve made a mindful attempt for me … More Estes Park 2019

Canon City 2018

Well, the 2018 Shelby’s family come to Colorado for vacation was a hit. We had fun to say the least. The closest to a family vacation with all of us before this one was all of us in Vegas a few years ago for my dad’s birthday.

Saving the World

During a recent trip to Texas with family my dad asked me about a brand as we walked through Nordstrom’s if they were a “save the world” brand. That’s what my dad calls Toms and other brands that give back. Now many for-profit businesses have varying opinions on the ‘something for nothing’ model that Toms … More Saving the World

Diary Entry 1/27/2017

I constantly try to be unique, I don’t want to be like someone else. I just want to be me. And after only a few hours back in Texas among my flesh & blood, I realize how alike I am to my family. Wholehearted, strong willed, protective & delicate especially for those we love.

Texas Part 2

Once I arrived at my mom & dad’s house just outside Lindale, Texas I was able to relax. I slept in and was able to even sit down and finally get a little bit of work done and blog a little bit.

2014 Reflection

On January 2nd, Travis started his new job in Montrose, CO as a  chaplain with Harden Hospice. We settled into our new  small Colorado town life! Then in Mid February, I got a job working for Montrose County as the Fair Coordinator! I have never attended a County Fair but I got the job! During this … More 2014 Reflection