Estes Park 2019

Moving and living out of state from your family means the time you have together is always a little sweeter. Yes, I love my family but I also really love not living in Texas where the heat and bugs are bigger. Since moving back to Colorado in 2017, we’ve made a mindful attempt for me … More Estes Park 2019

2013 Estes Park

On December 29th we drove to Estes Park, Colorado from our new home. It took roughly 6 hours to transverse the beautiful state of Colorado on I 70 to reach our destination, and well worth the trip to see good friends! We managed to score a pretty good deal on Groupon for 2 nights at … More 2013 Estes Park

2013 in Review

Is anyone else having a hard time realizing another year is over? For some reason I go through this feeling every 6 months, once at the new year and at my birthday…hopefully that doesn’t make me twice as old! At the beginning of the year, I choose to abide in God more this year. To … More 2013 in Review