Finished Reading | Less than Perfect a devotional study by Ann Spangler

I don't typically, or haven't been reviewing Devotional Study books in quite a while. But this one by Ann Spangler called out to me. Less than Perfect is about the 'broken men & women of the Bible and What we can learn from them'.  We can get pretty caught up in the idea that God [...]

Respectfully Yours

Respect - a high or special regard Love -  strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties (from I've always heard these two phrases in association with respect: You have to give respect to get respect. Respect your elders. You have to give respect to get respect. Can I break this down [...]

Faith | My Journey Through the Book of Mark

I can openly and honestly admit it's been a while since I've read through the gospels. The last time was in 2015 when I read through the whole bible. But I haven't done a gospel book study in years, nonetheless really studied the book of Mark. My husband's favorite gospel. I didn't really know what [...]

Faith | Thomas Nelson’s NIV The Woman’s Study Bible | a Review

I keep telling myself I will stop reviewing bibles and yet I still manage to pick them. I love the bells and whistles of new bibles. I've always wanted a woman's bible one centered on women and focused on God's intention on the women from the bible. This is a hefty bible with lots of [...]

Faith | The Beautiful Word Coloring Bible

I'm pretty sure I'm the last person in the world that needs another bible. Between putting a husband through seminary and practically owning every version out there, the last thing I need to request for review is ANOTHER bible, in a version I already own.  BUT I reviewed The Beautiful Word NIV Bible, The Beautiful [...]

Book Review: The Beautiful Words Coloring Book

I'm a huge an of bible journaling and using art to praise & worship God. I received my first journaling bible, years ago before it was 'cool' and loved the concept & overall execution of The Beautiful Word Bible from Zondervan, from last year. I've since added The Beautiful Word Devotional to my morning routine [...]

Advent 2015- O Come O Come Emmanuel + Love

spotify:track:4YIoQTJDBXAc7r8rDxUi50 What better song to sing during advent than one on waiting for the Christ to appear? This ancient hymn has been chanted and sung throughout the ages, words and languages changing. At one time there were 7 antiphons that linked to a prophesy in Isaiah in fulfillment of the gospel. These 7 antiphons were [...]