11th Anniversary

It's been eleven years since we said,"I Do." Inside that little chapel at First Baptist, taking our first steps as Mr. and Mrs. We moved out of Texas 6 years ago, to a state you'd visited once and that I dreamed of living in. We've lived in Nacogdoches, Waco, Colorado Springs, Montrose, and Modesto before [...]

8th Anniversary

How has it already been 8 years? We look like babies in these early photos, we tried and failed at a lot, learned the hard way and moved across the country. What an amazing ride! Happy Anniversary! Whatever happens next, I know it will be a great adventure with you by my side!

a reflection on our 6th wedding anniversary

Mr and I dated a mere 5 months before getting engaged. Although we were both members of our local BSM (baptist student ministry) I am sure folks wondered. My mom and dad made us wait to tie the knot until I was further along in my college education...preferably after I received my degree...did I mention [...]

6th Anniversary

Our time here in Colorado Springs, is likely over. Since getting married 6 years ago, our lives have been on a constant journey. One I am proud to have gone on with him at my side. I finished College and got my Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design/Art after we were married, not sure [...]