Book Review: The Beautiful Words Coloring Book

I'm a huge an of bible journaling and using art to praise & worship God. I received my first journaling bible, years ago before it was 'cool' and loved the concept & overall execution of The Beautiful Word Bible from Zondervan, from last year. I've since added The Beautiful Word Devotional to my morning routine [...]

Summer Reads: God Bless America coloring book

While I love coloring, not all coloring books appeal to me artistically. And that is ok, this coloring book includes quotes and images that feature a very positive view of our history and the men (& women) who shaped our nation. A fabulous coloring book for children & families that have loved ones serving or for [...]

Imaginative Illustrated Story Telling by Daria Song

In the The Time Garden we get lost inside a little girls imaginative head after her father buys a cuckoo clock, her adventures have us flying through the air with balloons, staring at the stars in wonder and visiting her local neighborhood through an imagination like we haven't seen before, street cars fly and trees [...]