2015 Reflection

Of all my years this maybe my greatest. In January, I was invited to interview with Stitch Fix. I admit that I applied to the job a few times and in every available area.

Accidental Saints

I knew I’d love Nadia when I saw her tattoos. As one who has thought a bit differently on what the gospel means to love thy neighbor, I see a soul sister in Nadia. You see I’m drawn to people who love Jesus that don’t fit the textbook definition of what a Christan should look … More Accidental Saints

UK 2015 | Ireland

We only gave Ireland 2 days one in Belfast Northern Ireland and one in Dublin which is in the Irish Republic. Since we had such a limited time in both places I opted for the early flights to Ireland from Edinburgh, arriving before 10:30 am, so we could see as much in Belfast before leaving … More UK 2015 | Ireland

Advent 2015- Waiting + Peace

The advent season is a time of waiting, preparing for Him to come. For the Creator of the Universe to arrive on Earth as a humble child. As we wait for His arrival, wait in peace. Wait in expectation. Actively wait by promoting peaceful living now, in your home, community and the world.