2013 in Review

Is anyone else having a hard time realizing another year is over? For some reason I go through this feeling every 6 months, once at the new year and at my birthday…hopefully that doesn’t make me twice as old! At the beginning of the year, I choose to abide in God more this year. To … More 2013 in Review

2013 Trip to Texas

Well, a several weeks ago Hubby and I planned a trip to Texas, for Hubby to be officially ordained by our home church in Waco University Baptist Church in Waco. Well the Friday we were scheduled to fly out our flights were cancelled…apparently folks in Texas can’t handle a little snow. At least that is … More 2013 Trip to Texas

Bella the Beautiful Boston Terrier {pet photography} Shelby Clarke Pet Photography

I had the lovely pleasure of photographing little miss Bella originally from North Carolina and her human parents. We opted to shoot at Red Rocks Canyon Open Space and utilize the beautiful sunset and the diverse colors of the canyon. And with the infamous turquoise chair. Bella’s parents clearly love her and I love photographing … More Bella the Beautiful Boston Terrier {pet photography} Shelby Clarke Pet Photography

Hiking the Crags

My life is in a state of completely unknown. Hubby is actively seeking a job, our 2 PT jobs won’t pay rent for another month and we are now without healthcare. {PS hey congress go back to work please}

27th Birthday

The fun thing about getting older, is how young I look. No really. No one ever thinks I am as old as I am. I am ALWAYS carded, and even my part time co workers think I am kidding. Well, Thursday I turned 27…I am officially old. 9 years out of High School and 5 … More 27th Birthday

A response to {Shelter Adoption=Moral Superiority}

I recently came upon the blog/letter/whatever of Shelter Adoption=Moral Superiority by Danielle Romeo, and although she does make a few good points. I feel the need to respond. Adopting a dog from a shelter doesn’t make you a crazy, annoying, morally superior human being. Although, I will give you there are quiet a few annoying … More A response to {Shelter Adoption=Moral Superiority}