Ethical Shopping

Why Ethical?

Honestly, I don’t believe that traditional business is out to do good; instead it’s out to make a dollar in any way it can and often that means exploiting the poorest and most vulnerable. While Ethical business aims to do what traditional business fails to, provide a fair wage for dignified work and high quality products for consumers. That’s why I support Ethical.

Ethical can mean many things. Fair wage, made in the USA, sustainable and eco-friendly or all the above. Ethical means being better for all, for the earth, the workers, and the consumer.

Photo Via Elegantees Instagram

Instead of doing what many others have done, I’m sharing my absolute favorite brands, ones I buy from often (too often probably) but have high quality products & are fair.

My Favorite Brands:

Elegantees– knit tops for women sewn to restore by women rescued from the sex trade in Nepal- use code: shelby for 10% off your order (See posts about Elegantees: Here, Here, Here)

Sseko Designs– sandals, bags & accessories made by girls saving to go to University- shop with fellow Stacie Tyson (See posts about Sseko Designs: Here, Here, Here)

WearWell– fashion subscription box for women who want to support the causes that matter most to them and look good

Sudara– women’s palazzo pants and graphic tops made by women earning a living wage in India

The Root Collective– handmade leather & textile made shoes from the slums of Guatemala (See post about TRC: Here)

If you need a comprehensive list I recommend this one Ethical Brand Directory– from Still Being Molly. Molly is one of my FAVORITE all time bloggers but is also an ethical inspiration as she has such great style, is honest, passionate and I feel so drawn to her. Check out her list of brands which she updates regularly.

This one from SelflesslyStyled is also on-point! Looking for something that you don’t see on either list? Let me know in the form below! I can let you know if anything is out there!


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