Dressing Your Best Self ebook

The Dressing Your Best Self ebook from Shelby & Kayla of the Wear it Wednesday team is a complete guide into understanding how to dress your very best self. This means learning to confidently dress yourself for your 9-5, as a stay at home mom, or an active woman balancing work, fun and family! No matter who you are, what your do, or your age with a few practical changes you can effortlessly change your look!

wear it wednesday cover-2Topics include:

Discovering your Body Shape & Style Personality, Understanding how to use Color & Pattern to your advantage, How to Finish the Look, Cleaning out Your Closet & How to create a Capsule Wardrobe that works for You!

Get this 50 page ebook is full of practical easy to understand

fashion focused information & worksheets for $5

Kayla & I understand you can read practically anything online, our ebook features our in-depth combined knowledge & one of a kind worksheets you can only get with the purchase of the Dressing Your Best Self ebook!

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