Wear It Wednesday | 4 ways to style a Skirt

On warmer days, the first thing I reach for is a dress. Yep a dress. So why am I sharing how to wear a skirt? Because I wear dresses often and feel very comfortable wearing dresses, even in winter. But skirts feel like a LOT of work. Anyone else? So I styled my favorite skirt [...]

Wear it Wednesday | White after Labor Day

I took a poll on Instagram not to long ago about wearing white after labor day. Most people didn’t have a huge problem with it, some did. I think it’s all about geography. I don’t actually own white pants, but I do own a white dress that if i’m being honest I wear about 2-3 [...]

Wear It Wednesday | Coordinating Outfits for Photo Sessions

I find coordinating outfits for photo sessions to be fairly easy actually. It can seem daunting what if their shade of green isn't the same as the green in my my husband's plaid shirt? Honestly, probably no one will notice, in general a little effort makes it easy for everyone to look like they belong [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Elegantees Namra Tank

This post contains affiliate links, when you shop through them I earn a small compensation through which I am able to support this website and my family. It’s the beginning of the month and that means, there is a new Tee of the Month from Elegantees! When I saw the Namra tank for this month, [...]

Wear It Wednesday | How to dress for Spring in Colorado

I intentionally waited to write or conceptualize this post until the snow stopped. So, let’s just say this if for dressing in spring in Colorado, between May and June, because that is actually what I’m writing about. If you’re looking for advice on what to wear between March-May, I recommend clothing from every season plus [...]

Wear It Wednesday | Third Piece ‘Rule’

There are plenty of ways to complete a look, sometimes it’s as simple as a great necklace or bag to a lightweight layer. While I'm not always a fan of adding to my look, there are times when it just feels lacking so these are the pieces I add to make my outfits feel more [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Updated ways to wear a LBD

We all have a little black dress and if you’re anything like me, until recently I only wore mine for the occasional funeral or very business-y occasion. But a little black dress may be the most versatile item in your closet, perfect for work, weekend, and LITERALLY everything in between. So here are my favorite [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Elegantees Peyton Top

I am a long time Elegantees fan, one look at my closet or talking to me in person would cement that for you. So when Katie from Elegantees reached out to include in their weekly "We Wear Elegantees" post, I was beyond honored. Here is how I styled this basic with a twist. I received [...]