Wear it Wednesday; Dressember Recap

Dressember 2015 is over, and I am joyfully, gleefully wearing my blue jeans…”I promise to never leave you again…” But since it is the first Wednesday in January, Kayla and I thought it would be appropriate to recap dressember for you, show you all our photos and reflect on what wearing a dress taught us.

2013 Colorado Springs Balloon Classic {clarkestudio photography- colorado springs photographer}

To celebrate us being in Colorado Springs for more than a year, I decided to share some of my favorite images I took at this year’s Balloon Classic. Sadly the weather was not very agreeable for flying on Sunday, but Monday gave us beautiful clear skies and wonderful flying [and photographing] weather! Enjoy! After we … More 2013 Colorado Springs Balloon Classic {clarkestudio photography- colorado springs photographer}

27th Birthday

The fun thing about getting older, is how young I look. No really. No one ever thinks I am as old as I am. I am ALWAYS carded, and even my part time co workers think I am kidding. Well, Thursday I turned 27…I am officially old. 9 years out of High School and 5 … More 27th Birthday

A response to {Shelter Adoption=Moral Superiority}

I recently came upon the blog/letter/whatever of Shelter Adoption=Moral Superiority by Danielle Romeo, and although she does make a few good points. I feel the need to respond. Adopting a dog from a shelter doesn’t make you a crazy, annoying, morally superior human being. Although, I will give you there are quiet a few annoying … More A response to {Shelter Adoption=Moral Superiority}