USA: The Giving Keys

Word and stamped jewelry has become very popular the past few years. What I especially love about The Giving Keys is it’s the perfect way to remind yourself or a friend that they possess and are capable to overcome whatever is troubling them at this stage in their life.

USA: Wildly Co.

This one is a bit of a wild card for me, I don’t have kids but I can tell you kids are hard to buy for. They create laundry heaps bigger than themselves and they grow out of everything way to fast. So how do ethically minded parents shop for kids? Make all the clothes … More USA: Wildly Co.

USA: Better Life Bags

Mommas know the real life struggle of needing the perfect bag and still looking stylish. Wait. I’m not a mom, and I still have this struggle. But a fabulous, leather and print fabric bag, made just the way I want? Does that even exist? Yes, my dear it does and it’s made in America.