Dressember 2017

Well, it’s October and that means that Dressember registration is now open! Have some questions on how you can participate? Or maybe you’re just curious why we wear dresses? Answers below!

Wear It Wednesday | August 10 piece Style Challenge

So, Kayla and I were talking earlier this summer about how to determine your style and what you want vs actually need and wear. She was trying to figure out what pieces she actually needed in her wardrobe while I was struggling through the Summer 10×10 challenge, swapping out a piece here and there as … More Wear It Wednesday | August 10 piece Style Challenge

Wear it Wednesday; Dressember Recap

Dressember 2015 is over, and I am joyfully, gleefully wearing my blue jeans…”I promise to never leave you again…” But since it is the first Wednesday in January, Kayla and I thought it would be appropriate to recap dressember for you, show you all our photos and reflect on what wearing a dress taught us.

Coming in December

Remember last December when I wore a dress everyday and posted it on my blog? No? That is ok, you can see it all, HERE. And guess what?! I plan to do it again. This year with my friends, Kayla from The Creative Jayne and Stacie from Pursuing Stacie.