Brand Highlight | Trades of Hope with Shelby Wright

The next brand that will I will be featuring as a part of our brand highlight series is Trades of Hope! I interviewed my friend and Trades of Hope Impact Entreprenuer Shelby to get all the details for ya'll! Everyone say hi to Shelby W! Q: What is Trades of Hope & what is the [...]

Wear It Wednesday | Types of Ethical Fashion

I proclaim and introduce myself as an Ethical Fashion Blogger, although many don't know or understand the term. There are many different views on how to practice 'ethical fashion' so I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a variety of ways people practice slow, conscious, and ethical wardrobes. These are all my understandings of [...]

Mindfulness | Money & Spending

Money. I'm not one of those lifestyle bloggers that regularly shares budgeting tips. In fact my method of budgeting is pretty rudimentary. But as a part of my mindfulness series, I want to share about awareness to my budget and spending. Obviously some expenses are more important that others: housing, food, insurance, savings, bills, medical, [...]

Brand Highlight | Wearwell

This post contains affiliate links, when you shop through them I earn a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) through which I am able to support this website and my family. When I asked followers on Instagram earlier this year what they wanted to see more of, many responded with new ethical fashion [...]

Wear it Wednesday | My 2020 Wardrobe Resolutions

It's 2020 and last year I tried and bought all of my wardrobe resolutions...overalls & clogs and I'm not ashamed. I loved stretching myself creatively and adding unique pieces to my wardrobe. This year my resolution is to love what I already have. I can't quiet make the commitment to do a no buy year, [...]

3 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in the New Year

Every year I set goals, not resolutions. Resolutions get pushed to the wayside so easily, but goals these feel more actionable to me. More solidified. I'm setting 3 goals this year: 1) more mindfulness 2) grow my business and 3) have fun So to practice more mindfulness in the new year, I've set 3 actionable [...]

Wear it Wednesday | Discover Your Style Part 5

Congratulations on reaching the final segment of the Discover Your Style Series! This last part is the perfect way to jump start the new year for your wardrobe, with style resolutions! Every year I like to set a few adventurous style resolutions, either to simply try on something outside my comfortzone or to buy something [...]