Wear It Wednesday | Why I wear a dress

I admit that Dressember was a thousand times easier when I lived in California, but I also worked from home and honestly no one *actually* noticed I was wearing a dress every day because I left the house like 3 times a week and saw vastly different groups of people each time.  Last year, was [...]

Giving Tuesday 2018

Today is Giving Tuesday! Giving Tuesday is one of the largest global giving days of the year. All winter long, I'll be participating in Dressember, a style challenge that raises funds and awareness to bring an end to human trafficking. Would you partner with me this Giving Tuesday as I raise $500 to fund freedom? [...]

Wear It Wednesday | How to use the Cladwell App for Dressember

A few weeks ago, I downloaded the Cladwell App (only available on iOS). If you've never heard of the Cladwell app it is like having a stylist in your pocket. And as a stylist, I appreciate not having to overthink my own outfits. So, what is the Cladwell App? Cladwell is a styling app to [...]

Wear It Wednesday | Dressember 2018 Raffle Items

In case you've been living under a rock, Dressember is but a few weeks away. And this year I'm upping my fundraising game to reach a goal of $500 to help rescue & restore people from human trafficking. In an effort to encourage you to give to this organization that I truly believe in, I [...]