31 days of building my business

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Day 1: This year I am participating in a 31 day blogging challenge. I have to blog or write on one topic for 31 days, all of October, after much consideration and tough thinking. I decided to blog about building my business here in our new town, Modesto, CA, as well as talk about what my business means to me and how I work. I don’t expect these posts to be thrilling but I do expect them to encourage me to stay strong and believe in my business. This will be a journey and new experience for me and my business.

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I will post the links to all the post here on this page, as they go live. Thanks for coming along for the journey!

Day 2: Mini Sessions

Day 3: Routine

Day 4: What sets Shelby Clarke Photo apart?

Day 5: Reflection

Day 6: Will you photograph my Wedding?

Day 7: Ideal Client

Day 8: Networking

Day 9: Burnt Out

Day 10: TIGF (combo post)

Day 11: Why I changed my Name

Day 12: My Logo + Colors

Day 13: What is in my Camera Bag

Day 14: Inspiration

Day 15: YouTube

Day 16: Radio Interview

Day 17: Cost vs Worth

Day 18: Contracts

Day 19: Past Session- Bella the Boston Terrier

Day 20: Reflection

Day 21: Inspiration

Day 22: Moving my Business

Day 23: Preparing for Your Session

Day 24: What to Wear

Day 25: Education

Day 26: Past Session- Mannie and Troy

Day 27: During Your Session

Day 28: After Your Session

Day 29: Inspiration

Day 30: Past Session- Olga the Sharpei

Day 31: Reflection

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8 thoughts on “31 days of building my business

  1. I think this was a great topic to choose! I am always interested in how others’ grow their business since I am working on the same!

  2. This feature is SO exciting to me. I wish I would have participated in it, but I’m living vicariously through your journey and love seeing more about your business!

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