31 days {2015}

Ok, it’s that time of the year again! 31 days time! Last year, I blogged all about my business, read it HERE, which in the end made me realize maybe it wasn’t my path anymore. And that was kind of a relief.

This year I am blogging about working from home, and the great thing about this series is it can apply to business professionals working outside the office, etsy + craft shop owners, or remote online employees like me!

I can’t wait to share my tips, challenges and maybe we can all learn something along the way!

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1) Introduction + what I do

2) Challenges I face working from home

3) Joys of working from home

4) 10 habits of productive people

5) Weekly Inspirational Quote

6) My Morning Routine & why it works for me

7) What I Wore #31daysofgettingdressed

8) When to and How to say No to unnecessary commitments

9) Creating a Schedule on iCalendar to promote productivity

10) Making time for Personal Stuff

11)  Productivity Recap

12) Weekly Inspirational Quote

13) My Home Office

14) What I Wore #31daysofgettingdressed

15) Home Office Organization

16) What is in my work bag

17) How to effectively work outside of your home office

18) Work Space ReCap

19) Weekly Inspirational Quote

20) Staying Encouraged when it gets tough

21) What I Wore #31daysofgettingdressed

22) Inspiration- Pinterest

23) Inspiration- Podcast

24) Inspiration- Playlists

25) Staying Inspired ReCap

26) Weekly Inspirational Quote

27) Eating Well

28) What I Wore #31daysofgettingdressed

29) How I Relax

30) What this has taught me

31) The End- a Recap

**Disclaimer: I will not be talking specifically about my job or how my job works. I will be talking about how I manage to do my job in my home environment, what challenges and joys I face, how I stay organized, motivated and healthy while working at home. I will not answer any questions about Stitch Fix’s inner company policies or programs as it is not my place and frankly none of your business. I don’t want to come off harsh but I just want you to know before this challenge begins.**