Wear It Wednesday | Summer 2020 Way Maker Collection from Elegantees

Elegantees is an ethically made brand that designs their pieces here in the USA and all the pieces are sewn ethically in Nepal at a sewing center that employs survivors of human trafficking. When COVID hit Elegantees was in the middle of their spring line. They ran a sale to sell in stock inventory in an effort to continue supporting the seamstresses in Nepal.

Many customers continued to buy from Elegantees knowing that one day pieces would arrive once the border opened back up. In the meantime, Elegantees began to brainstorm how to create pieces here to continue supporting the seamstresses. The Way Maker Collection is made here in the US with fabrics sourced locally and sewn at an ethical factory in NYC, to sustain seamstresses in Nepal. I picked out 2 tops from the new collection that I knew I had to have in my wardrobe rotation.

I was immediatly drawn to the Nolita top with puff sleeves. Last fall I added a detailed sleeve top to my closet with 3/4 sleeves and I love wearing it. I chose this top in charcoal gray since I have a hard time adding darker tones to my wardrobe. It is classic and trendy enough to wear year round.

I also added the Astoria tee to my wardrobe, this dark navy and white stripe top was a welcome addition to my wardrobe. I don’t own or wear many blue tops but I kept thinking a navy striped top would be a welcome addition to the pieces in my closet and this one has not disappointed. Typically Elegantees tops are a cotton blend but the striped tops in the Way Maker Collection are rayon blends. I was hesitant as I really love natural fibers but the cooling effect this tee has makes it my new favorite top on hot days! 

Of the other 4 tops, I really love the Madison but I’m not a fan of strapless bras since that one is nearly an off the shoulder style. Tie front tops like the SOHO are super trendy and yet timeless for years to come. While I love the ruffle sleeves of the Brighton, too much of the year here is cold and I need to be able to layer, ruffle style sleeves are hard to convince to go nicely into cardigan sleeves. Which of these tops from the collection is your favorite?

There is a second Way Maker Collection in the works for fall, with more fabrics unavailable to the seamstresses in Nepal. And I’m very excited for what unique pieces they will have to offer!

Check out the Way Maker Collection on Elegantees!

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