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Hi friends, how are you? Life has changed a lot in the last month to say the least. But here on the blog, I hope you’ll find some thing refreshing like a cool glass of cold brew on hot summer days!

Artic Stainless Steel Cold Brew Maker – India
Measurements: 4″ D x 8.75″ T
Materials: Stainless Steel
Care Instructions: Handwash recommended
Country of Origin: India 

Artisan Story |
This amazing handmade piece was produced by, wait for it, 3 separate artisan groups in India! The stone, brass, and glass materials are all sourced and developed by artisans in different areas of the country. Each separate element had to be shipped from one artisan group to another in the area for finishing and assembly. Amazing!
To feature one of the artisan groups, I would like you to meet Dilshad Hussain and his brother Danish! Dilshad and Danish are a few of the metal-working artisans. Their father was one of the first artisans working in this skill in Moradabad, India. Dilshad and his brothers, Shamshad and Danish, took up their father’s craft 15 years ago, but instead of working for a factory, became entrepreneurs and built a Fair Trade studio of their own from the ground up!
At this juncture, our India partner Noah’s Ark supported them with the infrastructure and they needed to start up the business, which has grown to supply nearly a million dollars of product to Fair Trade companies all around the world! With the income they receive from our orders, they are able to provide fair trade wages and safety standards to the full studio of 8 artisans that work with them. The impact generated from their efforts has been tremendous: the family has moved from a remote village outside of Moradabad, India, to a slightly bigger town nearby where they own the bottom floor of their building as a workshop and the top floor as their home. GlobeIn was able to visit this workshop in the summer of 2019.

Suggested use: Grind coffee beans and pour them into the strainer. Place strainer inside Cold Brew Carafe and fill with purified water. The tastier the purified water, the yummier the cold brew. Do not fill water to the top of the strainer to avoid coffee bean spillage. Cover with lid. Place Cold Brew Carafe inside your refrigerator and let it steep for no more than 24 hours. Pour and enjoy it! Iced coffee without the ice. Note: Remove and compost coffee beans after 24 hours to avoid potential molding.

Amira Mug -India
Measurements: 6″ x4″ x 5″ (3″ wide opening)
Materials: Stoneware Ceramics
Care Instructions: Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
Country of Origin: Morocco

Artisan Story |
Khaloufi Abdeslam was born in the Meknès region of Morocco but currently resides in Marrakech where he and his artisan group produce ceramics. He is well respected in the artisan community for his eye-catching ceramics with amazing quality. Abdeslam was self-taught and his passion for pottery is apparent in his work. 
On top of his work as an artisan, Abdeslam is a proud father and brother. He taught his two brothers the craft after his father passed on, and was able to sustain their family business. Abdeslam is very hands-on and passionate about his work. So much so, that he has taught every single person working in his workshop himself! His workers are more like a family and they look up to him as a father and inspiration. This group of artisans led by Abdeslam developed this mug specifically with GlobeIn, in order to bring their amazing work to the world stage. We hope you enjoy his careful craft!

Coffee Grounds – Peru Medium Roast Coffee
Measurements: 16 oz Whole Coffee Beans
Flavor Profile: A sweet crisp coffee with a bright, citrus-hinted- entry, delicate cocoa notes, and a clean fruity finish.
Country of Origin: Peru

Artisan Story |
Meet Maria. Maria is a coffee farmer and Matriarch of the Nomatsiguenga First Nations in Pangoa, Peru. Maria is part of a co-op of 680 members called ‘Co-operativa Agraria Cafetalera Pangoa’ (now, that’s a mouthful!), or ‘CAC Pangoa’ for short. CAC Pangoa is a long established co-operative who grow coffee, cacao, and also produce honey. Like many of the co-op members, Maria produces coffee as a cash crop. Maria, her family, and other members of the First Nations group employ biodiversity in her crops to cultivate healthy food. The organic coffee is grown in the cool jungle at 3000-6000 feet elevation, where slow-ripening beans bring a delicate acidity, medium body, and floral and berry notes to the beans and thus your cup of coffee! Harvest season is April through August, and the flavour profile brings a sweet, crisp coffee with a bright, citrus-hinted entry, delicate cocoa notes, and a clean fruity finish.

You can get the Cold Brew Premium Box for yourself or as a gift for a friend, HERE. Perfect for an end of summer treat!

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