July Bag Spill

Anyone else feel like they are carrying around a lot more than they usually do? Me too. I decided it was time for a good ole’ fashion bag spill to share all the extras I’ve been carrying around with me, apart from the mental and emotional extras I’ve been carrrying around.

Classic pieces in my bag include my wallet, keys, and my zippered pouches with everything from a super secret gummy bear stash to more tubes of chapstick than I will admit too. My phone is now old enough that it requires a recharge halfway through the day so that has been a newer addition to my bag but it’s definatly not due to the COVID.

Recent “COVID” additions include the ever popular and now mandatory mask and my personal supply of hand sanitizer. I should note that prior to COVID, I was not a “let’s lather up with some purell” after every daily interaction. But times change and so have my habits.

Other recent items in my bag have been sunscreen, because skin cancer is still here in the midst of the pandemic, my water bottle, my journal, planner, or both, and new blue light filtering glasses and my sunglasses.

My half moon clutch goes everywhere with me, it contains my tubes of chapstick, hand lotion, purell, headphones, nail file, and accessible pain killers for headache days. Not to mention a small reusable bag full of gummi bears for really tough days.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve been carrying around lately due to COVID? At one time I had a whole roll of dog poo bags in my purse because I thought who knows maybe I will use them for something. On the plus side they were lavender scented so it wasn’t soo bad.

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