Wear It Wednesday | How I Style my Sseko Sandals

This post contains affiliate links, when you shop through them I earn a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) through which I am able to support this website and my family.

I am a sandal girl, I love my boots in the winter but come summer days I love to wear sandals all day long. And my Sseko Sandals go with everything from jeans, to shorts, dresses and crop wide leg pants. 

Sandals lined up on the ground

Ribbon Sandals

While I love my ribbon sandals and their versatility, I especially love them while wearing dresses. I feel very grecian with a maxi dress and ribbon sandals, but they are ideal for whatever the day has in store. I’ve worn my ribbon sandals for day trips to San Francisco and all day walking around Seattle Washington. I have my favorite ties for sure, and prefer my ribbon sandals fit tight, and that my foot doesn’t wiggle around.   

Shop Sseko Ribbon Sandals

T- Strap

My T-straps have been everywhere I have and are what I would consider my dressiest sandals. I wore these to my best friend’s wedding in Texas 3 years ago. These fit much looser than my other sandals and feel like I am bare foot when I wear these, which I love and is why these are a favorite of mine.

Shop Sseko T-Strap Sandals

Crossover Slides

These are my ‘I’m running late’ sandals which I can slide into as I zip out the door. Perfect for traveling via airplane and I prefer to pack them year round in my suitcase for wearing at hotels. I designed a custom pair of crossover slides a few years ago and I love the neutral and all around stunning look of these sandals. Probably the most comfortable pair I own.

Shop Sseko Slide Sandals

Have you considered getting a pair of Sseko sandals for summer? Which would you get? I recommend ribbon sandals to everyone I know, unless you don’t like things between your toes, then I’d say get the crossover slides. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be making an impact on women’s lives in Uganda plus cute sandals y’all!

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