Brand Highlight | Pact Apparel

This post contains affiliate links, when you shop through them I earn a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) through which I am able to support this website and my family.

Shelter in place has turned into Safer at Home here in Colorado, we’re still home a lot. At least I am. And that means wearing a lot of lounge wear, while working from home. My go-to work from outfit includes my favorite joggers or leggings on cool days, a comfy top and usually my favorite at home cardigan. Do you get dressed everyday or do you stay in comfy lounge-wear all day? 

Pact Apparel has pieces for the whole family, when my husband and I were looking to replace a lot of our basics with #madebetter items, I was super excited to see I could order everything we needed for the both of us from place site!

My husband loves how soft their fabric is and how well the pieces hold up! I adore my joggers, and talk about them all the time, even though they are out of season at the moment. Their leggings are super soft and stretchy but super thin, which I very much appreciate during Dressember and Quarantine! While I own a lot of tops, I needed some easy to layer long sleeves last winter to go under sweaters. And all their pieces are seriously the softest cotton blend you will find for essential basics. I do admit to trying to buy on-sale, when I can but when I can’t I don’t feel guilty because they are reasonably priced and have stood up the our daily wear and tear over the last 2.5 years! 
I own and wear Pact underwear, sports bra, bralette, camisole, long sleeve tee, joggers, and socks. My oldest & favorite piece are my 2.5 years old joggers which I keep mending because I love them so much. My least favorite are the hipster undies, I find the fabric to be too thin and they ride real low. I don’t think my body shape is made for hipster cut.

From the Pact Apparel Website: We do organic. It’s all we’ve ever known and it is what separates us from the trend chasers and the half-hearted. Our authenticity allows us to challenge the stereotypes of organic — it’s too expensive, it’s only important when it comes to food, it’s only for environmental activists. Wrong – it’s for everyone — all day, every day — from work to travel to lazy Sunday mornings in bed and even those crazy on-the-go days. Our clothes are practical, comfortable, and easy because life isn’t always so. If it is a textile that touches the skin, Pact is the one-stop-shop where consumers can find organic alternatives that fit their lifestyle because doing good should be easy. 

A few of my favorite pieces they have in stock right now:

Do I recommend Pact Apparel? Yes. I wear at least one piece of Pact clothing a day, if not more. And all my pieces feel good, wear well, and I can feel good about how they are made.

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