Globe In | April Savvy Premium Box

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Hi friends, how are you? Life has changed a lot in the last month to say the least. But here on the blog, I hope you’ll find some refreshing consistancy. This week’s brand highlight is the contents of the April Premium Artisan Box from Globe In!

Share these pieces with your friends and family for an afternoon picnic with those you constantly surround yourself with. And if that means sitting 6′ apart while spending time together, that is okay.

Moroccan Market Bag – Morocco
Measurements: 12.5″ H x 11″ D. 19.5″ W (top), 10″ W (bottom).
Materials: Palm Leaf.
Care Instructions: Spray with water bottle to stretch. Wipe clean. 
Country of Origin: Morocco.  

Artisan Story |
Yassine El Youbi is an ambitious young man. He is only 28 years old, yet he started a cooperative to help unite all the bag-making artisans in the small town of Ain Jnane. The cooperative, visited by the GlobeIn team in January 2020, is based 2 hours outside of the nearest large city, and only accessed by driving up a winding road into the deep Moroccan mountainside. Not many people travel to or outside of this rural village.
Yassine learned to weave palm leaves at an early age, as is the case for everyone living in this village town in rural Morocco. Yassine reports that “if you were born here, you will learn how to weave.” His father and all his family are in the palm-weaving business. Yassine says that his “goal is to help his family and artisans in his town to find a market to sell their products.” 
Yassine works as an artisan and as a salesman. To do that, he works some days weaving and other days packing up the goods into his small car and traveling all around the country to sell the goods out of his back seat and find new clients. As you can see, Yassine is the quintessential example of a hard-working artisan entrepreneur with an ambitious heart. We at GlobeIn are happy to support Yassine and the Cooperative Ain Jnane to access the global marketplace, and could not do so without your help, Mavens!

Johanna Keychain – Nepal
Measurements: 8″ H 
Materials: Felted balls and metal finishings.
Care Instructions: hand wash with soap and water.
Country of Origin: Nepal  

Artisan Story |
Meet Suwani Rai, a felt-making artisan based out of Kathmandu, Nepal. GlobeIn was able to travel to meet Suwani in person in the summer of 2019, and she is just lovely! Suwani has worked hand-making felted products at the artisan factory for 6 years. She has 3 sisters and parents, all who also work making felt. It’s a family business!
Suwani studied in school until the 12th grade, and after finishing up grade school she joined the artisan group and started making felt products. Suwani reports that she “loves handicrafts and she is very proud of her skills to make any objects….made out of felt with her hands.” Suwani wishes to start her own small factory making felt products someday in the future.
The income these families receive by working with GiftsLand to produce your new piece is often equal to or more than the wages they earn during the day. In other words, for each large order made by GlobeIn, artisans can double their daily salary–amazing! The extra work allows them to improve their economic standing, keep children in school, and ensure everyone is healthy and provided for.

Sophie Viscose Scarf – India
Measurements: 70″ H x 28″ W 
Materials: 100% viscose cotton.
Care Instructions: Hand Wash Recommended.
Country of Origin: India  

Artisan Story |
Meet Nikhat and Razia, both artisans who worked on your new 100% Viscose Scarf!
Nikhat has worked for 8 years and is married with one child. Her husband works in a factory, and in Nikhat’s spare time, between cooking and raising her kid, she weaves on her loom and easily earns about 350 Rupees daily working about 3 hours which is a great help to her family expenses. She hopes that she will be able to “get more orders from GlobeIn, [for] more chances to earn better [more money].” Her dream is to get a “semi-power loom” to increase her efficiency.
Razia is 48 years old and has worked on a loom for 20 years! She is married with 3 children, who are also all married. Razia works about 4 to 6 hours and earns about 400 to 500 Rupees depending on the complexity of work. Razia reports feeling “very happy to get GlobeIn order.”

Copper Water Bottle – India 
Measurements: 9″ H x 3″ W.
Materials: 100% Copper.
Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended.
Country of Origin: India. 

You can get the Savvy Artisan Premium Box for yourself or as a gift for a friend, HERE.

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