Sseko Designs | Hopefully Yours Lavender Mist

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The soft Lavender Mist pebbled leather in our Spring Collection is a delicate pastel that is perfect for the new warmer season. This gray purple is a delicate addition and easily pairs with deep jewel tones and crisp summer styles.

The light yet vibrant Pebbled Lavender Mist adds an elegant and subtle hue of color to your wardrobe as we transition into spring and put the darkness of winter behind us. Let this sophisticated and calming color remind you that peace is its own reward. Be gentle with yourself as you remember that true peace is not the absence of struggle or conflict but the ability to maintain a sense of purpose and hope in the midst of growth.

While softer tones aren’t my style, the half moon clutch and the coin purse are perfect for finding in a dark bag! I have a soft blush pink clutch from years ago and it doesn’t show any wear. Which was my biggest concern with lighter leather shades.

Pebbled leather is a material that has either a natural pebbling or is embossed with pebbled texture for more uniform leather. This durable leather is soft, strong, and stands up to regular use.

If you don’t find this soft pastel isn’t quiet your style, perhaps you’re more of a glam gal. I’ll be sharing about our new mixed metallic mist next month!

Shop our Hopefully Yours Collection for more beautiful artisan made styles to confidently elevate your wardrobe this spring!

Questions about how and where we source our leather? Hopefully this article will help.

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