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Looking for a bit of a pep-in-your-step? There’s nothing like waking up to a fresh cup of coffee or the sweet smell of floral tea. Get back into the swing of things with work or school and prep for the brightness of springtime ahead. You’ll love this luxurious, color-pop Artisan Box collection with your favorite grind and coffee nook in mind! 
So Froth up your favorite milk, Steep your favorite Herbal tea, or Infuse your favorite flavors and Cold Brews. Anytime is a good time for coffee and tea!

Nora Latte Mug Set – Set of 3, Morocco
Measurements: 5.25”D x 3”T.
Materials: Stoneware ceramic.
Care Instructions: Handwash recommended. 
Country of Origin: Morocco

Abdeslam was born in the Meknès region of Morocco but currently resides in Marrakech where he and his artisan group produce ceramics. He is well respected in the artisan community for his eye-catching ceramics with amazing quality. Abdeslam was self-taught and his passion for pottery is apparent in his work. 
On top of his work as an artisan, Abdeslam is a proud father and brother. He taught his two brothers the craft after his father passed on, and was able to sustain their family business. Abdeslam is very hands-on and passionate about his work. So much so, that he has taught every single person working in his workshop himself! His workers are more like a family and they look up to him as a father and inspiration. This group of artisans led by Abdeslam developed this mug specifically with GlobeIn, in order to bring their amazing work to the world stage. We hope you enjoy his careful craft!

Beldi Glass Set, Morocco ($8)  
Measurements: 2″D x 2″T.
Materials:Recycled glass.
Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe.
Country of Origin: Morocco.  

La Verre Beldi is a glassblowing studio located in Marrakech, Morocco. They create new glassware blown out of recycled glass, reshaped into gorgeous traditional Moroccan designs. Their products are both beautiful and eco-friendly!
Labid Mohamed was born in Settat. He is a proud father who lives in Marrakech with his family. He learned glassblowing in the well-known Sover Maroc glass factory in Casablanca. He started to work there in 1986, but when the factory was closed, he started to work for Verre Beldi. Since then, he’s considered to be the expert and thus most skilled man in the workshop. His fellow artisans call on him for advice and is well respected by other artisans. Though he thinks it’s a difficult job, Mohamed enjoys forging new items and coming up with the best new designs he can.

Handmade Indian Paper Latte Stencils – Set of 6, India 
Measurements:  3.5” D
Materials: Handmade Indian paper. 100% upcycled cotton
Care Instructions: Single use
Country of Origin: India

Say hello to Meenu Devi! Meenu is one of our wonderful paper-making artisan partners based in India. She is 47 years old, and has no educational training. Because she was not able to attend school, receiving opportunities as a craftswoman was essential to her success. She is very hard working and since her training 10 years ago, she has grown into her role as the quality control officer at the paper-making studio. She has come a long way!
This chic tray is made from 100% recycled cotton paper! Discarded cotton scraps are collected from the textile industry then broken down into a pulp using a traditional wheel press. They are soaked, strained, pressed, dried, and ironed into sheets. The entire process is tree-free, non-toxic, and conserves and filters water for re-use in irrigation.
The process of making upcycled cotton fibers dates back many generations in India. Our partner artisans belong to a minority group called Kagzis, who are part of a long tradition of handmade paper-making. Since the process is done by hand, it provides job opportunities for many people in this community. Plus, the artisans have access to benefits including job training, microfinance, education, and health care.

Justea Pyramid Tea Bags – Berry Hibiscus or Sunkissed Rooibos
Measurements: 30g (1.06 oz), 15 sachets. | Makes 15 cups. Re-steep this whole leaf tea for 30 cups
Steeping Instructions: Allow the whole leaf teas to expand and release their full flavors. Steep 4 minutes. Re-steep for a second flavorful cup.
Care Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place.
Ingredients: 100% Natural. Organic Hibiscus, Black Currant, Cranberry, Blueberry, Elderberry, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Rooibos, Organic Licorice Root or 
Ingredients: 100% Organic. Organic Long Cut Rooibos, Organic Lemongrass.

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