Wear It Wednesday | No Buy January 2020

Last year for the month of July, I did a No Buy New Month, I scored some great secondhand pieces during that time and gave my budget a break from the cost of new items.

In January, we decided to not buy anything unnecessary. Well, more like we need to not spend anything this month to recover from all the time I took off in December not making any money. Yeah, adulting.

Deep down, I know I don’t need that top or those shoes but seriously it is a therapy for me. And as a fashion blogger I do feel pressure, mostly unsaid, to have new things to style my old things. Not to mention several brands started launching pre-spring & spring lines in JANUARY. So, yes. I do want the things. No, I don’t need them. I have a closet full of pieces I love and get a lot of wear out of.

But there are new things, I’m just so jealous that I haven’t gotten to style yet.

It’s defiantly not spring in Colorado, as I write this it is snowing and has been since last night. Apparently, the weather here did dry January as we got practically no snow for the entire month but now that it is February it is fair game. So while I am swooning over all the new styles, it is simply not practical for me to wear them, not yet at least.

So, what did I learn from my No Buy Month?
I don’t have to have it. It can feel like I am behind or lacking when I don’t have the new things, this is especially true as a Sseko Fellow. Our new collection launched at the end of the month and I have only seen a handful of the items in person. It is painful, at the same time I basically want it all and I don’t need it all. Having some time and distance gives me clarity of what I really want because let’s be honest, I don’t need any of these things to survive.

I did learn to get more creative with what I had and had a lot of fun putting pieces together that I’ve never tried. As we journey through 2020, this is something I want to do more of. As well as really reducing my closet to the only items I love and wear often.

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