Branding Updates!

In November, I offered up my blog & brand as tribute to our Tuesdays Together group here in Colorado Springs for a critique. I knew going in I’d learn a lot, we used to do critiques in art class so learning from feedback and other perspectives is something I’m more than used to.

After a full brand critique, in the presence of my peers I wanted to go home and immediatly get to work. Mari & Melody were so honest and kind, I really appreciated the work they put into this! I knew better than to jump into my to do list at 10 pm. So I slept on it.

After which I immediatly began working on a new look for the blog, and reorganizing the categories in my menu. I’m sure you’ve noticed a few of these changes! My favorite change is the new ‘logo’ I made it’s earthy, calm, and feminine. If you happen to google ‘fashion blogger logos’ you see a lot of pink, and I mean HOT pink, and a poor graphic of a clothes hanger or such. No really, I do not want my blog to look like this. This is not me. So drink in my earthy vibes and beautiful script, cause this girl loves a beautiful script and olive green.

I’ve also been brainstorming new ways to share mindfulness with you. Because it can be incredibly personal, I’ve been hesitant to show you how I practice mindfulness and meditation daily. Look forward to more of these in 2020.

At the end of October, I also became a Sseko Fellow and I’ve been learning how to incorporate my drive to empower women to chose fair trade and ethically made without shaming those who aren’t ready to make the financial commitment to shopping sustainably. This is a huge criticism of the ethical influencer and fair trade fashion industry and trust me, if you’re watching from the sideline thinking “That’s all fine and dandy dear but I’m not ready to spend that much money on new bag.” I hear you. It took me years of reading, and following brands that do so much good before I spent a dime on it and when I did, it was most definatly on sale. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
Buying fair trade invites you to share in the experience of empowering women globally and allows you to share the story.

After my branding critique, photographer Amber Motes reached out to me offering to take branding photos for me. Not only is Amber new to Colorado Springs, but she’s an incredible photographer. She created some truely unique flat lay images for me to use (like the one above) and when she wasn’t thrilled with how some of the images turned out she offered to take them again and shared which flat lay backdrop she used. (I’m buying one ASAP.)

So, thanks for being flexible while I make these changes and continue to learn and grow this blog and share how our small collective efforts can change the world for the better.

Thanks to Mari Ziegler of Mariana Ziegler Photography and Melody from Finicky Fox Designs for this brand critique. I still have a lot of work ahead of me but I’m so grateful for the road map you’ve provided! Obviously, all the photos in this post are by Amber Motes.

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