Why I learned Self Portraiture

Little known fact for my newer readers, before I was an ethical fashion blogger, before I was a stylist, I was a pet photographer. Well, a photographer in general. I’d studied photography through high school and college before well, other things.

I ran my photography biz for nearly 5 years, you can see some of my work here. I loved playing with pups of all sizes, shapes, and colors. But I became frustrated and overly critical of my work. I decided I needed a break, I needed photography to be fun and if I wasn’t enjoying doing it as a biz I needed to stop. So, I did.

Maximus, 2013 Colorado Springs

So, I did my last pet photo session in 2014. And then I put my camera in my closet and didn’t really touch it. I did bring it out for family photos a few times, but otherwise I didn’t practice photography. Until May of this year…

I found myself needing to elevate this little blog of mine and as a fashion blogger I needed high quality outfit photos and if we’re being honest. While I could hire a photographer, the truth is I have all the equipment and the know how to simply do it myself. There was a learning curve for sure…

September 2019

In the beginning I’d do a whole set of images and be unhappy with all of them. I started to really look at how to model and position my body infant of the camera. You see I understood all the technical aspects of photography but I didn’t and sometimes still don’t know how to put myself into the frame. When looking back through images, I am genuinely shocked by images like the one above..I cut my feet off in the shot but who is looking at my feet when I LITERALLY have wind in my hair? I still worry about locations, and often shoot behind my own apartment building or in our clubhouse…my patio often makes an appearance in my photos as well, if I don’t want to go far.

But if we’re being honest, I can get kind of weird in front of a camera, so I try really hard to look normal in my photos. But I think a gag reel may happen just so we can all keep it real here. 😉

Thanks to my best friend, Kendra, for inspiring me, she was a self portrait master in college and was so creative. Now, she’s given me the encouragement I need to try this form of photography for myself.

I plan to write about how I shoot but that may take me a while to get around to doing…also would you be interested in reading that or simply me doing an IG story series on how I do it?

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