Wear it Wednesday | Favorite Fall Outfit Ideas

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It’s officially been fall for 2 days.
2 days.
Are you loving this transition from hot to cool? I am. In fact I’ve been soaking up as much time outside with layers, and closed toe shoes for a few weeks now because despite the warmer days, I just want it to be fall. 

Here are 3 of my favorite fall styles for the new cooler season, each of these are versatile enough to wear to my casual but dressy day job and cute enough for a night out with friends.

Camisole by Pact Apparel, Flannel from Elegance Restored, Jeans from ABLE, Shoes from Lotta from Stockholm, Cuff from Flourish Leather

Flannel over a Tank + Black denim + Clogs

It’s officially fall when you can wear flannel and be legit comfortable. Even if that means wearing it over a camisole unbuttoned for a little extra air flow. This buffalo check top is perfect for embracing a nearly all black outfit for fall, and is perfect for warm days (wear unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled or button it up for a cool evening). The jeans have a step hem which I did myself, also known as the mullet jeans at our house, and then my deep purple T-strap clogs, if it was super chilly I’d add socks to wear with my clogs. Don’t worry it’s totally adorable. Trust me.
Visit Elegance Restored and ABLE.

Top by Elegantees, Jeans from Target, Shoes by The Root Collective

Crossfront Top + Dark wash Skinny jeans + Mustard Flats

This is my go-to first day of fall outfit, not only are the colors ideal for cooler weather the addition of ¾ sleeves and closed toe flats make it comfy for AC chilled offices and cool mornings. I like to add my olive utility jacket on even cooler mornings, I’m not going to lie the pockets make that jacket 100%. And the olive tone effortlessly works with the earthy fall tones. Basically get ready to see me in this once a week for the next 3 months.
Visit Elegantees and The Root Collective.

Dress by Elegantees for 2016 Dressember, Vest from Jaimi (secondhand), Shoes by The Root Collective

2016 Turtleneck Dressember Dress + Faux Fur Vest + Ankle Boots

Finding ways to wear dresses into fall is a common struggle I hear from styling clients, and friends. My first suggestion is to make sure your dress has sleeves. This 2016 Dressember dress has long sleeves and a turtle neck which make it my favorite for layering. But on it’s own it can feel a little, well blah. Trust me I know. What this dress desperately needs is texture, contrast, and visual interest. Vests make this simple swing dress shine all fall and winter long. My friend Jaimi was cleaning out her closet not to long ago and decided to let go of this AMAZING faux fur vest, I’ve been searching for the right one for my closet for a while and snatched it up from her. It breaks up the monotony of this olive dress and provides a surprising level of warmth! Finishing the look with black ankle boots and no tights, cause I’m brave.
Visit Elegantees and The Root Collective.

Surprise, I took these photos earlier this month and no lie, I’ve been dying to share all them with you! Also to wear all of them in one week because I’m telling you Fall is my favorite season, it brings such a change in colors, and textures to my wardrobe that I cannot live without!

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