May | Globe In Artisan Box

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When the weather warms up, I often opt out of my evening tea for something cooler, creamer, and more summery. This month’s premium artisan box from Globe In is just the thing to make summer evenings more perfect than ever before.

May’s Premium Artisan Box includes 2 Ice Cream Sundae glasses, 1 copper stainless steel ice cream scoop, 4 cooper stainless steel straws, and an eggplant and cyan toppings bowls.

May Globe In Artisan Box |

Each piece is made by an artisan. Your sundae glasses from Mexico, your ice cream scoop from India, and the toppings bowls from Morocco. These artisans infuse their culture, skills and history with each piece made and when you purchase these pieces you get to share in the telling of that story.

By purchasing a Globe In subscription you are providing jobs to artisans around the world and getting amazing home goodies delivered to your door!

Get $10 Off 3 Month or Longer Artisan Subscription Box! Use Code ‘WELCOME’ and Save at GlobeIn!

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