Wear It Wednesday | Third Piece ‘Rule’

There are plenty of ways to complete a look, sometimes it’s as simple as a great necklace or bag to a lightweight layer. While I’m not always a fan of adding to my look, there are times when it just feels lacking so these are the pieces I add to make my outfits feel more complete.

First, probably the most simple and effective way is to just add a statement piece:

Day 15

Add a statement piece – jewelry, scarf, bag, hat
A great necklace, like this gold and silver one from Noonday Collection, is a great way to dress up a very classic and somewhat demure dress. Not only does it add visual interest in the form of metallics (who doesn’t love shine!), but it contrasts the neckline lengthening my torso.


Entry to the 1st Starbucks

Add an outer layer – a jacket or a vest
An otherwise simple look, white tee, jeans, and ankle booties are now functional and more comfortable for cooler days. Cargo jackets are perfect for when you’re traveling, plus this one has a drawstring waistline so my figure doesn’t get lost under this piece and a snap on or off hood.


day 11

Add a lightweight layer – cardigan or button down top
This lightweight chambray button-down top adds contrast to this Dressember 2015 look. One of my favorite lightweight layers,  a classic chambray button-down is the perfect layer turned top, a must have for when I travel, easy and versatile enough over a dress or paired with black leggings for long days at the airport.

There are no black and white rules when it comes to fashion but by adding a ‘third piece’ you can give your outfit a more complete feeling and add additional color or interest! I Personally, I’d love to add a wool felt hat to my repertoire, in a neutral tone this piece could add interest and texture to an otherwise complete look without adding bulk from a scarf or an unnecessary layer.

What are your favorite pieces to add to your completed outfits? 

Happy Styling, Shelby

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