Wear It Wednesday | How to use the Cladwell App for Dressember

A few weeks ago, I downloaded the Cladwell App (only available on iOS). If you’ve never heard of the Cladwell app it is like having a stylist in your pocket. And as a stylist, I appreciate not having to overthink my own outfits.

So, what is the Cladwell App?

Cladwell is a styling app to help you create a closet you love. They like to say you don’t need more clothes but to know how to use the clothes you have better.
After downloading the app, create an account, and give the app some info such as you’re age range, closet size, closet weather recommendations, and how often you wear different styles of clothes like lounge/casual/going out, etc.

Add items to your closet

After creating your account, Cladwell invites you to put items in your closet. It’s important to take the time to add all the items in your closet. While all the items in your closet may not be available in the database provided by Cladwell, remember you can add your own images. It’s important to try to photograph your items on a white background with natural light. And feel free to rename items. I had to do this to differentiate between a few items like my two pairs of black skinny jeans. This is a fun time to name all your Dressember dresses by year!


How Cladwell works

Cladwell gives you three styled looks for each day and an option to create your own ensembles. And if you input your zip code when creating your account, it will be able to provide you with the weather as well. I’m notorious for including a layer even when one isn’t picked out for my outfits as I’m always cold.


Creating a Capsule in Cladwell

Once you’ve added everything into your closet on the Cladwell App, you can create your Dressember capsule!

Tap the three horizontal lines on the top left, then the + Create New Capsule. I named mine 2018 Dressember. From there you add items from your already created closet to this specific capsule. The looks generated inside the capsule will only include pieces you add, so give yourself some breathing room and creative liberty.

I live in Colorado, so layers are important for Dressember. So, I decided to include two pairs of skinny jeans as well as my leggings because jeans/leggings under dresses count in Dressember. Plus any layers I want to wear over or under my dresses, especially long sleeves, sweaters, and cardigans.

Time Traveling

But before we begin, notice how your page may default to today’s date with your outfit selections from your general Closet. But when you hit 2018 Dressember it will take you to today’s date with only the items from your capsule. At the top of your screen, it says Get Dressed and Closet or your capsule’s name, 2018 Dressember for example.

First, under the menu lines in the top left tap on your capsule, then tap the calendar next to the dates at the top of your screen. Scroll to December 1, 2018, and tap above the date to select; it’s a little weird.

Once there you can see the outfits Cladwell has put together for you. The weather feature is always a nice touch, especially for our colder Colorado climate.

Pick a Day

Refresh & Edit Outfits

Instead, tap the refresh arrows next to the Plan Outfit button, it will create a whole new look for one of the pre-styled squares you get for that day. You can also edit outfits by tapping on the paper and pen image on the left of the Plan Outfit button. If you have a few dresses that you prefer to wear with jeans, for example shift cut dresses, then I recommend you add them to Cladwell as a tunic so you can easily see outfits styled with pants/jeans/leggings. Otherwise you can simply swap out pants for a dress or add leggings to pre-created dress ensemble. If you need to see the ‘whole’ outfit then add your dresses as tunic tops in the Cladwell App.

When you see an outfit idea you love be sure you favorite it! Your favorite outfits will show up at the bottom of your screen and are a great way to remember the awesome outfits in your closet.

Metrics & Data

The Cladwell app will show you your most worn outfits along with your favorites at the bottom of your planning screen. After logging 10 outfits, Cladwell will tell you what percentage of your closet you have worn. (Statistically speaking most people only wear 20% of the clothes they own.) Cladwell will also show you Most Owned and Most Worn, colors and pieces from your closet in general or within a specific capsule, like my 2018 Dressember Capsule. Crazy right? I found Cladwell to be extremely helpful in knowing what other colors I should include in my wardrobe.

If you need more help, I did a screen recording of me using the app to help you! Feel free to send me a comment or message and I’ll help you out! 😉


This is my 5th year doing Dressember and many of the dresses in my closet have been along for the ride since the beginning. It was so fun to get some new ideas from the app that even I had not tried out yet.

Want to participate in the Dressember Style Challenge? Join my team, click the image below! I’d love to have you! More questions? Read this Dressember Post!

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