Dressember 2018 | Registration Open

I first participated in Dressember in 2014 after moving to California. Our mild winter weather encouraged me to stick with wearing all the dresses in my wardrobe that first year. Since then I’ve been adding Dressember dresses to my wardrobe. I’ve done everything from wearing all my dresses to wearing one single dress for the entire month. But I’ve always slacked in asking for donations.

For my 5th year as a Dressember participant, I’ve decided to raise $500. More than I’ve ever raised before.

I’ve decided to raffle off one item, from a Fair Trade or Ethically Made brand every week in December starting on December 8th to those who donate to my Dressember donation goal. Want to be entered to win the raffle? Donate to my personal goal of $500! 😉


Want to join me in wearing a dress (or tie) every day in December? I’d love team members to walk along with so join my team! You don’t need a ton of dresses, just one! Get creative and mix & match & layer! Talk about why we Dressember. I’ve set a mighty goal of $1500 for my team!


I’d love to plan a Dressember evening locally here in Colorado Springs, to talk about what Dressember is and about modern-day slavery. There is a reason, I blog Y’all. Speaking in front of others is über scary for me. Maybe make it coincide with product donations to and writing letters to the women of TESSA. I’m still working on the details but it’s coming!

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