Wear it Wednesda​​y | Fall 2018 10×10 Challenge

With fall in full swing here in Colorado Springs, I have decided to kick off the new season with a 10×10 challenge! It’s easy to join in, pick out 9 or 10 pieces to wear and coordinate for 10 days, I’ll be doing my challenge from October 1 -10th.

Green Bell Sleeve Top (Long Sleeves)
Orange Cold Shoulder Turtleneck (Long Sleeves)
Black & White Striped Tee (Short Sleeves)
Mustard Ruffle Hem Tunic (3/4 Sleeves)

Black Distressed Denim
Dark Wash Jeggings
Light Washed Distressed Denim

2018 Dressember Dress (haven’t received yet)

LAYER + Jackets
Black Circle Vest

So these are my 9 pieces. Yep, 9. I like to give myself breathing room to include something last minute if the weather changes. Look at that color palette, swoon. All the tops pictured, are Elegatees pieces. Ethical Fashion that is stylish and empowers women! #win Two of my 3 pairs of jeans are made at an ethical factory in Mexico using American denim from ABLE formerly fashionABLE.

I, also, like to use the full breadth of my shoe collection when the apparel I’m choosing from is limited. I also included something I have ordered but haven’t received, so if my Dressember dress doesn’t arrive during my 10×10 I may swap that for something else. I specifically included it in my count because, in the past, I have been notorious for ordering something that arrives during the challenge and expanding my 10×10 to include that as well. Notice I have a ‘Layers’ group with a single vest, I wanted to add my vest into my 10 pieces but didn’t want to limit myself to only one or two jackets, so there is some wiggle room in this category.

The key to a successful 10×10 is coordinating the pieces to go together. I’m particularly excited about the color palette I assembled for this challenge- it feels fresh, fall focused and versatile for work and casual outings. I’m so excited about it I kind of don’t want to wait until October 1, but I will because I have some other fabulous fall pieces not included in this set that I plan to wear this week!

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