Wear It Wednesday | Sseko Designs Custom Sandals 2018

So, let me preface this with I only planned to order Custom Sandals once, and that was last year, HERE, and I was content and I wasn’t going to order any more cause I essentially own the breadth of Sseko shoes, sandals, and bags. And let’s be honest, I have plenty of things.
But I won, yep won, a custom pair of sandals from Sseko Fellow, Sarah Woodson.

I struggled with decisions to be made. The only sandal style, I didn’t have but craved were the crossover sandals so I knew I would be getting that one but then it came with SO MANY COLOR options… I made so many creations on the builder site but eventually went with my gut and the first pair I thought I’d like.

Of course, they are super simple, classic, and versatile. That’s kind of my style. So while they may seem very run of the mill, they are perfect for me. I didn’t even splurge on premium leather! But I did get the embossing, my first pair has the embossing so I knew I wanted to continue with that feature.

I went super classic with navy straps and camel on the sole. Nothing fancy, no metallics. And personally, I’m perfectly happy with them. I know they will get a lot of wear, probably well into fall if I’m going to be super honest because they are easy to wear and I’m not sure I’m ready for boots quite yet…

If you are interested in Custom Sandals, you’ll have to wait until next spring. In the meantime, Sseko has launched custom leather pieces, like bucket totes, passport holder, or moon clutches!

I recommend you reach out to Sarah Woodson, ssekosarah@gmail.com. She’s so helpful and knows so much about Sseko Designs!

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