Faith | My Journey Through the Book of John

Now, obviously, I’m not going in order. I’m just choosing what to read next. After making my way through Mark, I decided on John simply because that is the book we are reading through at church this season.

I’ve read through John before, and not just when I read the whole bible a few years ago, but more specifically after Travis and I got married in our first marrieds Sunday school class. After which we watched the Life of Jesus based on the book of John.

At the Western Wall, Israel

The book of John seems very busy to me. There are 3 Passover meals mentioned in this book, and John, I feel is very wordy no matter what translation you read. I loved noticing how Jesus went from a preaching to a teaching attitude, something I knew but hadn’t noticed before. Being Passion Week I especially enjoyed the dialogue between Pontus and Jesus, so much humility and truth spoken. I wish more Christians would speak this way to others outside our faith with loving concern and humbleness.

Today is Maundy Thursday, the Passover meal has been taken and they head to Gethsemane for the evening. Reading Mark before John gives me an appreciation of the short, simple style Mark wrote in. I’m also equally grateful for the in-depth story style of John and his unique perspective.

In April I will read Matthew.

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