Living More Simply | Intro

With all the gadgets, apps, and things in today’s world that are supposed to help make life easier you’d think like would be easier. Take the crock pot for example, this device is supposed to easily cook dinner for you low and slow while you’re at work, but have you ever noticed it basically completes it’s job in 4-5 hours. I work longer than 5 hours on a regular day, so what am I supposed to do? Come home halfway through the day and turn it on?

Fern Canyon Hike, 2014

Living with less can seem like a daunting task. It felt daunting when I decided to par down to a capsule wardrobe, which was perfectly suited for our mild California winters and hot summers. But now that I’m back in Colorado, I need to revisit some of the pieces in my capsule as I don’t have nearly enough sweaters or layers for the lingering winter weather.

But how can we live more simply through the food we eat, or the things we buy? Should we prize locality or organic? And what to do with all the excess that we currently live with?

This is just an introduction, I want to live more simply and spend less money while also supporting brands and causes I’m passionate about. Someone recently asked if my passion for ethical fashion and a limited wardrobe was an outward expression of my faith, and to be honest it had never crossed my mind. I just knew when I got into ethical fashion, that I had a privilege and I wanted to use my buying power to make a difference in the world.

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