Wear It Wednesday | BANGS shoes

It’s been a while since I’ve done an ethical brand spotlight. But I found BANGS via a instagram stalking turned search turned tell me more about your shoes adventure one afternoon when I should have been folding laundry. Long story short, I applied to be an ambassador and was accepted (what where they thinking letting me in?) now I have a great pair of sneakers that are ethically made, give back and promote community!

Image from @bangsshoes Instagram

First, the shoes.

I got the Yellowstone hightop. I have never been to Yellowstone but I love all things yellow and statement sneakers seemed like a worth while purchase.

Second, ethics.

So the story of BANGS, is that the founder, Hannah went to China to teach english and was so impressed by the strong work ethic and the people there that she wanted to help them.

These shoes were built to maintain this same classic feel while supporting you on your everyday adventures.

The name BANGS comes from the Chinese character for “help”, but over time BANGS Shoes has become so much more than footwear for a cause.

We are photographers, entrepreneurs, hikers, musicians, painters, graphic designers, baristas, CEOs, bikers, and more. Adventure means something different to each and every member of our community.

With a social mission that invests in entrepreneurs around the world and a brand Ambassador Program focused on encouragement and connection, BANGS Shoes has found a way to transcend cultural and geographic boundaries and focus on uplifting people.

The BANGS Shoes vision: provide footwear to cultivate a meaningful community with lasting impact.

Image from @bangsshoes Instagram

Third, community.

So, as a Bangs Ambassador #liveBANGS I’m invited to get to know other BA’s in my city, state, and even globally! We communicate on the regular, thanks Slack. And even have a meet up planned with other BANGS Ambassadors in Colorado!

Image from @bangsshoes Instagram

So, do you want shoes that take you on adventures while helping others find theirs? Shop here, and use  SPRING2018 for 15% off. And put my first & last name in when you check out!

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