Faith | My Journey Through the Book of Mark

I can openly and honestly admit it’s been a while since I’ve read through the gospels. The last time was in 2015 when I read through the whole bible. But I haven’t done a gospel book study in years, nonetheless really studied the book of Mark. My husband’s favorite gospel.

I didn’t really know what would happen when I began reading a chapter a day.
I loved the simplicity of the way Mark tells the gospel story, there isn’t a bunch of Old Testament references, which I think helps guide the reader through the story without a bunch of well “I don’t know Isaiah really well but if you say so.”

What I’ve really noticed in this book is Jesus’s determination to do his job but without all the announcement. Every time he performs a miracle he tells those around him to not say anything. Don’t tell anyone.

And yet, he can’t go into towns because everyone, and I mean everyone, know what he is doing. In the midst of all the miracles and teachings, somehow the disciples just don’t get it. I keep wondering if I’m missing something.
Is Jesus giving me the answers to the things I just keep asking over and over again? It’s easy when it’s hindsight to say the disciples weren’t paying attention but is it really?
We know the whole story.

Despite the fact that we know the ending we still have to make that journey to knowing the ending.

In many ways I see this as the ultimate problem with evangelism, we offer Jesus as the ultimate solution, like a cure all that doesn’t also address the physical needs of people. When we act out of love and compassion, when we live and provide for the needs of people as Jesus wants us to (and did himself) we are ultimately sharing the greatest joy of the gospel the fact that God so loved us that Jesus came, lived, taught, and died for all of us.

Onto more living like Jesus.

I plan to read John next. Travis & I read the book of John when we were newly weds. So it’s been a while.

Do you have a favorite gospel or gospel story?
How do you read the bible?

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