Faith | Thomas Nelson’s NIV The Woman’s Study Bible | a Review

I keep telling myself I will stop reviewing bibles and yet I still manage to pick them. I love the bells and whistles of new bibles. I’ve always wanted a woman’s bible one centered on women and focused on God’s intention on the women from the bible.

This is a hefty bible with lots of those bells and whistles, not to mention a gorgeous full color hard back cover. With easy to read 10.5 font for the scripture, but be aware the additional text is smaller, but still easy to read fonts.

I really loved the in-depth introductions at the beginning of every book. Like I didn’t know that the book of Mark was primarily written for the Gentiles based on HOW the book was written with it’s lack of reference to the Old Testament. I loved learning these bits and pieces to help me better understand the context of the book I’m reading. Not to mention a book outline, it features red letters, and topic discussions mentioned in the text.

My favorite thing about this Bible is the in-depth look at the women who were apart of the story. I’m not afraid to say I’m a feminist and love hearing other women’s stories, including the women that were apart of the story that lead us to Jesus. Also, I’m always a fan of full color! This Bible is hefty for it’s deep commentary and highlights, which if you get this one you’ll know they were all necessary to improving the readers experience.

Get a copy of Thomas Nelson’s NIV Woman’s Bible, HERE

I received this bible for free in return for an honest review. 

This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing through the links on my blog I receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. 

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