October 31 Update

Hey y’all!

I’ve been a little MIA here lately. You see hubs (and fur kids) and I are moving back to Colorado Springs in the next few weeks.

This is 1) freaking amazing and I’m so excited and 2) very quick and causing me a lot of anxiety

The cats are excited because our apartment has turned into a kitty cat box wonderland, and poor Asher barely has room to turn around, the struggle is real y’all! I’m managing to finish packing, do the cleaning, try to find places in CoS, and finish out my time as a Stitch Fix stylist.

It’s a heavy load that I realized was too much for me last week when I had multiple anxiety attacks from trying to do it all. I called in for some reinforcements (aka the parentals mine & hubs) and I’m doing 1000x better with only the occasional freak out moment.

I didn’t want to bore you down with all the details but November is going to be a lite month here on the blog. Don’t worry, I won’t forget about you and will jump head first into some new material in December with my first ever Dressember from the Centennial State!

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