How to use Instagram Collections

Who else rejoiced when you could start saving posts on IG earlier this year? (Insert girl with hand raised emoji here) I was all about that and have been using it fervently ever since. The recent problem I started having was because I was using the feature so much…you see I’d save posts but then be searching for them again because well, I save A LOT on IG. In the last few weeks I noticed there were collection options, and I could organize my saved posts! 

It’s like the engineers at IG took the genius of Pinterest and gave it to all users on Instagram! So I wanted to share with you, how I’m loving and using this new feature on my Instagram!

I follow a great variety of accounts and love all the recipes, work out videos, Sseko ribbon ties inspiration, as well as quotes. I am always saving quotes such a great way to inspire on long days.

Don’t know how to save IG posts? When you find that post that you love and have to remember for later hit the little flag on the bottom right of the image opposite of the heart on the left.

Tap & hold until it asks what collection you’d like to add the image too. Don’t have any collections? Tap the + on the right and create a new one!

I love to save recipe ideas (I always see the greatest recipe ideas on there!) and since 10 ways 10 days is around the corner I love to get Sseko Ribbon Sandal ideas, and quotes…I have saved more quotes than I’d like to admit. You could also use these IG collections to save journaling ideas, photography inspiration or blog post ideas!

Have you started using this new feature on IG? What collections do you think you’ll create?

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