Summer Pet Care

Back in ye’ olden days, aka 2012, I blogged a lot on pet care and owning and caring for a dog. Since this isn’t a topic I breech very often anymore I thought I’d assemble a quick and easy list of things to keep in mind for your pets this summer.

Be sure your pet whether a dog, cat or rabbit has access to clean water all day everyday. I like to make large ice cubes in plastic cups to put in their water bowl during the heat of the day to cool down their water. A baby pool is a great option for outdoor dogs, it provides a cool place to relax and hydration. Empty often to prevent a mosquito breeding ground!

Shelby Clarke Photo, 2014

I walk Asher 3 times a day, early in the morning before the sun really gets too high or too hot, mid day, and in the evening. The early morning and evening walks are longer, while the mid-day walk is just around our complex and mostly in the shade. I always give him the option to walk in the grass too, the concrete gets so hot even in the shade and it can easily be uncomfortable for dogs to walk on it.

If you’re pet resides outside or will be outside for a portion of the day make sure they have access to shade. Remember they are essentially wearing little fur coats and after 70 degrees in the sun they can quickly overheat.


Do everyone a favor & DO NOT EVER LEAVE YOUR DOG or PET ALONE IN A LOCKED CAR. EVER. In case you can’t tell I have very strong feelings about this and I have been known to call the cops on people who do this. Leaving the window cracked DOESN’T help. If you are going somewhere are CANNOT take your pet in with you, DON’T take your pet with you. It’s that simple. I wrote something on this a few years ago.

Happy Summer! What fun ways do you keep your pets cool during the hot summer months?

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