Warm & Coztea Exchange 2017

Happy New Year! Ring in the new year with the warm & cozy tea exchange hosted by Kayla of The Accidental Nomad Life Blog! This year is the 3rd Tea/Coffee/Cocoa exchange and the best part is if you don’t like tea, you can totally ask for coffee (like me) or for cocoa, which my husband loves.

Warm & Cozy Tea Exchange

Kayla has assembled a fun team of co-hosts this year ( Little City Adventures, a hopeful hood, a simpler grace) including myself to share this fun exchange with our followers, friends, and family and would love to have you join!

Warm & CozTea Exchange 2017

Although my blog schedule for the new year is unplanned, I plan to be much more active on Instagram and let my blog be a better reflection of me & life as it happens. Connecting with other bloggers has always been probably the best part of blogging, it’s not all about coming up with the next great post, or reaching record visitors, comments or reads, it’s about the community you built and support one another.Ā Warm & Cozy Tea Exchange

I encourage you to Sign Up for the exchange, sharing a little bit of warm & cozy tea, coffee, or cocoa with a new blog/instagram friend!

5 thoughts on “Warm & Coztea Exchange 2017

  1. I wanted to join in but it’s US only šŸ˜¦ I did email and said on the off change any other UK/Europe came forward I would be interested but I didn’t hear anything back so I figure no-one has come forward

    1. We can do our own swap! I’m not able to participate as I can’t guarantee to get a package out in the amount of time given for this swap.

      1. Sure – we’ll chat on email about what we’ll include! That would be lovely – as I said in my other comment I have your letter to reply to anyway šŸ™‚

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